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A person is an alcoholic when they can no longer control how much or how often they drink without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Alcoholism can be mentally and physically damaging, especially when an addicted person goes years without seeking treatment.

Alcohol rehab offers specialized programs to help addicts go through detox comfortably and get the therapy they need to live a sober life. People who are suffering from substance abuse and their loved ones are encouraged to contact Drug Rehab Centers Elizabeth at (908) 329-2158.

Drinking Addiction Statistics

As our understanding of addictions has grown, we now tend to spot people with problems before those problems have got completely out of hand. In the past, shame and embarrassment prevented many addicts from seeking treatment in a professional facility. Better communication and education means more people know that recovery help is widely available and more socially acceptable.

Still, substance abuse cases related to drinking increase every year. Data from 2013 shows that 70.7% of American adults had alcohol on at least one occasion in the previous 12 months, and 56.4% had alcohol in the previous month. 24.6% admitted to binge drinking (NIAAA).

Signs of Substance Abuse

Binge drinking is an unhealthy habit of consuming three or more drinks within an hour with the sole intention of being intoxicated. Frequent drinking throughout the week is also characteristic of a “problem drinker.” Although this behavior can lead to alcohol poisoning or lapses in memories (“blackouts”), it does not necessarily prove that someone is addicted to drinking.

An alcoholic experiences full withdrawal symptoms whenever they attempt to quit drinking. This physical dependence is caused by the brain reacting to the lack of dopamine released and the firing of receptors that are normally depressed. While binge drinking can lead to alcoholism, a heavy drinker can still quit on their own while an addict cannot quit without intervention from an alcohol rehab center.

It is important to recognize that binge drinking can lead to an addiction if it is not checked regularly and to watch out for the signs of addiction. These can include:

  • Anxiety or paranoia.
  • Body tremors, especially in the hands.
  • Sweating or fever.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Sleeplessness or sleeping all day.

Why Alcoholics Won’t Seek Treatment

Drinking has become such a normalized social activity that many people are fooled into thinking that alcoholism is not a terribly common problem. People do not associate regular drinking with addiction. There is a widespread feeling that only people whose lives are in disarray through drink are alcoholics.

The lack of awareness plays a big part in addictions remaining untreated. Alcoholics often function for months or years without friends or family ever noticing that they have a problem. There can often be a delayed onset of serious symptoms, especially those caused by withdrawal. Alcoholics can carry on working and living fairly normally for many years before their condition deteriorates.

It is easy to deny a substance abuse issue in one’s own mind, so the addict never seeks treatment in an alcohol rehab treatment center.

Alcoholics cannot be cured but they can recover. By staying at an alcohol rehab treatment center, addicts can learn to live without substance abuse and start the healing process. To learn more, call Drug Rehab Centers Elizabeth at (908) 329-2158.

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