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The Main Effects of Alcohol Use on Your Excretory System Elizabeth, NJ

Excretory system alcohol use effects kidneys substance abuse liver bladder pancreas alcoholism Elizabeth addiction treatment rehabilitation centers New Jersey rehab Alcohol use puts pressure on the excretory system, which is responsible for processing and eliminating waste products from your body. It includes the following bodily organs: pancreas, liver, kidneys, and bladder. Though their job is to get the alcohol out from your body, too much alcohol can cause them serious damage and harm.

Effects of alco... Read More →

This Drug is 8 Times Stronger than Morphine! Elizabeth, NJ

hydromorphone use Elizabeth city view baloons dilaudid happy substance abuse drug addiction opiates dependence opioids New Jersey treatment rehabilitation center rehab Dilaudid is an opioid pain medication. The main active ingredient is hydromorphone. It has an analgesic effect that is two to eight times stronger than morphine. However, hydromorphone has a shorter duration, and greater sedative effects.

What is it?

Hydromorphone is a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act, with an ... Read More →

Elizabeth Relapse Prevention Programs

substance abuse addiction treatment rehab Elizabeth nj When you emerge from rehab, you have all the good intentions in the world for staying sober - but there are often temptations and unexpected cravings that can arise you had not planned for. Elizabeth relapse prevention programs will help in efforts to effectively stay sober. There are, however, some added tips to take into consideration when go... Read More →

Benzodiazepines Abuse

substance abuse addiction treatment rehab Elizabeth nj Some individuals struggling with chemical dependency may not be aware of the devastating consequences of ongoing benzodiazepines abuse. Benzodiazepines are known for causing severe physical dependence. Users who continue abusing them for a long time may experience severe withdrawal symptoms when they seek to stop their use. Benzodiazepines are also... Read More →

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