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Drug treatment centers provide an important social service. Rehabilitation programs offered at these facilities give addicts a chance to learn to manage their substance addiction and re-enter the public as productive members of society. Many addicts face serious problems due to their drug or alcohol use, including losing loved ones, failing professionally, and facing legal problems.

Finding the right recovery program can change your life or the life of someone you love. Find the right drug rehab treatment when you call Drug Rehab Centers Elizabeth at (908) 329-2158.

Spotting the Signs of Addiction

It is possible that a person with an addiction will not display any outward signs when he or she first starts abusing a substance or alcohol. In the early stages of addiction, the dosages taken tend to be low, and the frequency between doses can be quite long.

As the body becomes more tolerant of the drugs or alcohol an addict is ingesting, they have to take more of the substance through higher dosages or through more regular intake. As time goes on, both the quantity taken and the frequency increase significantly.

As an addict approaches this stage of addiction, he or she will undergo substantial behavioral changes. As the quantity of the substance ingested goes up, the effects on the individual’s behavior become more obvious and ability to function declines. Abusers tend to become withdrawn, spending more and more time alone and shunning social events and responsibilities. Most of their time is spent concentrating on the next time they will use drugs or alcohol.

Family members will usually recognize that a loved one has a serious problem before that person realizes it. The family should seek professional help to make the addict realize there is a problem, and to seek solutions.

Types of Addiction Treatments

Treatments are a combination of therapy, emotional, physical and medical support. All treatments concentrate at the outset on helping the addict stop taking the addictive substance. Medical detox is often the first step for an addict entering treatment. Medications are administered to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and intoxicants are gently removed from the body over time.

Alcoholics will often receive high doses of tranquilizers in the initial stages. This eases the physical pain and symptoms of withdrawal. Addicts of other substances will be weaned off, either by replacement drug therapy, or by slowly and painlessly reducing the dosage of the addictive substance.

The detoxification is backed up with psychological support. Addicts will be offered therapy to help them address the addiction, and to learn what they need to do to stay clean. They will be briefed on the support options available.

Choosing a Drug Treatment Center

If you are looking for a drug treatment center on behalf of somebody else, you should arrange to visit the center and learn all about its programs. Talk to staff and get a feel for the place. The addict will be under extreme stress at the start of the treatment process, so it is important that he or she will feel comfortable in the center.

Addicts seeking help and family members with questions can call Drug Rehab Centers Elizabeth at (908) 329-2158.


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